Bills Bisschop

| August/September 1992

8315 Amber Lane Newcastle, CA 95658

The Bisschop engine was first patented in 1871 by Alexis De Bisschop of Prussia. The engine produces 2 man-power or 1/3 HP at 110 RPM. It has a 4' bore with a 9' stroke. It has flame ignition and is a two cycle engine.

I first became interested in the Bisschop engine when I saw it in Wendel's book where it is listed as a Sombart. Going through my mind was the regret that I would never see one in iron. Then, on a tour to the British Isles and Scotland, I saw a five man-power Bisschop in a museum in Edinburgh. I was all over it, checking out its operation and taking pictures.

I then found some drawings in a book, on a two man-power, 4' bore, 1/3 HP Bisschop. The drawings only gave me one measurement to work with.

On my next gas engine trip to the East, I went to the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. There I found a two man-power, 1/3 HP Sombart.

Again I took pictures and measurements. With these measurements, I converted the drawings in the book to the dimensions I would need to make a full size engine some day.