Big 25 HP Texas Engine Found

| October/November 1989

1528 Cliftwood Drive, Clarksville, Indiana 47130

Last summer, while I was working in a Texas oil field, I found this big 25 HP Superior engine laying on its side in a ditch. At first glance it appeared to be a hopeless case. However, after several trips to just take some photos of a hunk of old iron in its final resting place, I decided against my better judgement to at least make an effort to rescue the ''old girl'. I found the owners and a deal was made. Then came the fun part. Armed with a couple of 50-ton jacks and lots of 4 x 4's the engine was soon moved to level ground, loaded and on its way to a new owner. Really it was not all that simple to move this hulk with 5 foot flywheels and a couple of tons of dead weight. However, it gave me a great deal of satisfaction to know that another bit of history was rescued.