Bert's a Wizard When It Comes To Engines

| April/May 1993

Sent to us by Lorraine Martyn, 1375 Eleventh Avenue, Edgar, Wisconsin 54426, this article appeared in the Stevens Point Journal, of Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481.

Bert Gordee has begun taking time to enjoy his status as one of Steven Point's mechanical wizards.

At 84two decades later than most folkshe's joining the ranks of the retired, to amuse himself by tinkering with his collection of purchased and self-made engines instead of repairing ones belonging to others.

Bert, who lives at 516 W. Harding Street, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, has been a mechanic since he was a teenager, and that's so long he's developed a language all of his own. His 'mechanicese' and references to parts and processes of engines are sprinkled into most of his conversations.

Bert stepped into retirement several months ago, after spending nearly 40 years with Murat Ignition and Battery Shop. He didn't leave on his own terms; a heart problem from which he has since recovered necessitated a slower pace.

His boss, Bob Moss, said it would be difficult to find a more reliable worker than Bert. 'He hardly ever missed a day, and I don't remember him ever taking off for a cold or anything like that. Besides, he could always figure things out. And he can sure tell you anything you want to know about how an old car runs,' Moss says.