Before My Time

| October/November 1994

  • Two Maytags

  • Two Maytags

315 Hoyer Street, Loudonville, Ohio 44842

I'm sure you all have heard this expression before, but in my case it is really true; they are before my time, since I am only 21 years old.

These two Maytags I'm sure have served their owners well, before their many years in retirement under a work bench in a corner of a garage, where they have spent many years.

When I discovered these two model 92s, they looked like a pile of rusted history with no hope of recovery. But I said to myself, 'I'll take that chance.' So I loaded them in my trunk and they headed to their new home with hope for a second life.

Since these were my first Maytags, I didn't know much about them. But I said, 'This can be done!' I started taking them apart and cleaning them up. Amazed by the quality and workmanship, I told myself, 'They will run again!' After many months of chasing parts and information on them, I finally got the aluminum cleaned, cast iron painted, and the wormy chestnut skids made. I was finally ready for reassembly.

With a few kicks on the kick starter and a few minor adjustments on the carburetor, they showed they could have a second life.