Barn Fresh

Aermotor from the Joe Peter's Ranch in Nicolaus, California

| January/February 1996

  • Aermotor

  • Aermotor

8315 Amber Lane, Newcastle, California 95658

This engine was purchased about 1912 to pump water at the family farm in Clarksburg. It had been used about ten years when electricity replaced it. It stayed in storage in the pump house until 1953, when Joe moved it to a barn in Nicolaus for storage. There it lay under miscellaneous boxes, tires, and other debris until 1994 when I purchased it from him for nine times its original purchase price.

Joe was 82 years old with a very good memory. He would point to a pile of debris and say, 'It's under there, and the crank is over there' (pointing to another pile of miscellaneous objects) 'and over there under that stuff is the battery box and coil.'

After 82 years (62 of them in storage) my grandson Jeff and I cleaned the valve stems, oiled the piston and other parts, put gas in the gas tank, cleaned the points on the igniter, hooked the coil up to the battery using the original wires, one of which was baling wire, and turned the flywheel a couple of times, made an adjustment to the carburetor and it came alive, ready to pump water again!