Baker Pump

| June/July 1994

R.R. #7, Dresden, Ontario, Canada NOP 1M0

This is a pump by Baker Mfg., Evansville, Wisconsin, better known as a Monitor pump. I noticed several differences between the ones I have seen. The gas tank is more like a canteen; the muffler is like a ball with three lobes; the pump jack is in a sub base and cannot be put in or out. I also found that the valves are in two separate cages which are down in direction and beside each other. There is no drip lubricator, but there is a splash oil system. On the tag marked type, there is nothing. The oil inspection cover is cast iron and is held by a wedge slide instead of a hinge and wing nut.

I purchased this engine from my good friend Tom Starling, of Alburn Heights, Michigan. We guessed at the age of this engine and I looked through GEMs from 1967 to the present and only found one, which was not complete.