| August/September 1994

3423 Younger Drive Charleston, West Virginia 25306

My interest in collecting old iron dates back over twenty five years. I have bought, sold, traded and traveled to far away places throughout the hills and hollows of West Virginia just to find the right gas engine. During my travels and searches, I have uncovered many old relics and interesting pieces of machinery. Unfortunately, I have had great difficulty with keeping all of them around and keeping my wife happy at the same time. However, the greatest find that I have uncovered, restored, and proudly displayed for all to see is an 8 HP Bessemer upright with a very low serial number of 808.

After doing some 'horse trading' with the person who owned the engine, I began a process that took over a year to restore it. While the restoration process was taking place, I was seeking out a place in the front yard to display the engine. However, I had to make a compromise with my wife to locate the engine in the back yard, only if it were perfectly restored and placed in a plexi glass enclosure. This not only took care of my wife's concern sit protects the engine from the weather and other elements but can easily be removed for starting and close up inspection.

The Bessemer is my pride and joy and everyone who visits my home is very interested in learning the history behind the engine.