Australian Pen Pals

| August/September 1997

Paulson E. B. engine

The Paulson E. B. was built 1915-17 by a Rockford, Illinois, company. Only six of these are known to exist in the U.S.

6910 Argyle Road Caledonia, Illinois 61011

I have been a subscriber of GEM for several years, and enjoy it very much. My wife and I have a building 170 feet x 60 feet full of horse machinery, 40 old tractors including a model L Emerson Brantingham 12-20 HP, 380-plus cast iron seats, we enjoy collecting very much.

We have had several groups here to visit with us, we had 40 Australian farmers here last August and never had such an enjoyable day.

We have talked back and forth with one couple (Jim and Vic Hauser) several times. They sent us a letter and pictures of their collection. They asked to have them sent to the magazine. Excerpts from the letter follows:

'Hi, Warren and Helen!

'We realize that there aren't many English engines in America, because you had your own. As one guy told me, the English engines were too big, too heavy, too sophisticated, but we have English ties and Vic just loves the blowlamp start engine.