Australian IHC

| January/February 1992

  • Identical engine

  • Identical engine

Wistow 525l via Mount Barker, South Australia

I have recently seen May's edition of GEM; the photo featured on the front cover has prompted me to send a photo of an identical engine which I own and have restored by myself. The picture was taken at Mount Barker, South Australia 1991 Power of the Past Show.

Both engines have one thing in common: an air filter not commonly featured. I assume this fixture was only applied to engines engaged in such chores as hay baling.

As a matter of interest my engine has been converted to high-tension magneto in conjunction with an adapter on the sparkplug bearing IHC logo and part number. I suspect this 6 HP M engine may well have been low tension Serial #15799, no alphabetical prefix, which would most likely date the machine at sometime around 1920, hence the wing nut on the inspection plate.

This engine served its owner through many years of hay baling. The baler was superseded, whereby the engine fell into a state of disrepair.

During restoration, the mains were converted to oil and camshaft. The engine was fitted with a Bosch high-tension magneto. The sparkplug adapter has IHC part number. Replacement parts were supplied by Mr. Wally Steding of Iowa. Without his assistance the project would have been much more difficult, as there is no one in Australia who specializes in such parts.