Associated Maytag Junkyard Special

| July/August 1994

  • Maytag Conversion Engines

  • Maytag Conversion Engines

16 Prospect St., Salem, West Virginia 26426

I read the story in the January issue of GEM about the Associated Pony engine and thought I should share my experiences with one.

When I went to the Oil & Gas Festival at Sistersville, West Virginia. I took my Maytag conversion engines and they drew a lot of attention. My good friend, Richard McNabb from Beverly, Ohio, liked my engines and he said that he had an engine at home that he would give me to see what I could make out of it. Well, the next show was at Volcano, West Virginia and he brought the engine to me in a box in many pieces. Some of the parts were missing so I started looking through my stock of parts to see what I could substitute to get it together. The base was missing so I substituted a Maytag long base and adopted the base plate to the Maytag base. The carburetor was missing so I adopted a reed valve where the magneto bracket bolts onto the block and then I used a Lawn Boy carburetor with a string trimmer gas tank mounted above the carburetor. I had to make a complete ignition system so I used my own system of a commutator mounted in the flywheel and the governor is also mounted in the wheel which breaks the ignition ground when the desired speed is reached.

This was an interesting project and I thank my good friends Richard Mc Nabb and Louie Bauerbock of Beverly, Ohio, for their help at engine shows. I look forward to taking my Associated Maytag Junk Yard Special to the engine shows next spring.