As Fate Would Have It

| January/February 1986

13905 Armentrout Rd., Fredericktown, OH 43010

It all started a year ago when I went to a show with a friend who has some stationary engines. At that time I 'got the bug.' Well, about three weeks went by and it was like fate a sale came out in the local paper. There were about forty stationary engines for sale. I put a bid on the very last one for sale and was lucky to get it. It was a 1 HP Fairbanks-Morse. There were several parts missing 'Well, what should I do now?' I said to myself. The friend who I went to the show with suggested that I subscribe to GEM, which I did. It was like fate again the very first issue I received had an ad in the 'For Sale' section listing parts for a F-M 1 HP. I sent a letter to them telling what I needed and again it was like fate they had what I needed and the restoration began. In the meantime, I wrote to the F-M Engine Division and they told me where and what year my engine was made.

Well, thanks to Harold Hauger of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Gas Engine Magazine, and the Berkshire Flywheel Farm, I heard my engine run for the first time on December 20, 1984. What a day! I took it to my first show in May of 1985 and it was like fate again out of all the engines that were there, I got my picture in the local paper with my engine.