Antique Gas Engine

| July/August 1988

1713 E. Walnut Ave. Enid, Oklahoma, 73701

Mother Nature gave us a beautiful day for our 4th annual Old Iron Show on the 1st Saturday of October 1987. Our 1987 show was held on the same spot on the Garfield County Fairgrounds in Enid, Oklahoma, as our first gathering three years ago.

Great participation was had with several farm tractors, the usual large number of small engines and a live steam locomotive of 1?' scale built by James Robison of Hennessey, Oklahoma. James had it fired up and running on bearings for an excellent display. Also, this year's gathering was honored with two Model T Ford cars, one of which belongs to Archie Wight of Enid, Oklahoma. Archie's Ford is a 1915 as near original as he can tell except for maybe paint and engine overhaul. This car is equipped with Hayes wire wheels, Ruxsteel rear axle and Rocky Mountain brakes. This car is in excellent condition for being unrestored.

To mention some other exhibitors, they all have a story of their own. 'Smokey' Bowles from Ames, Oklahoma, had recently left the hospital to bring his Maytag Rumley Oil-Pull to amaze the crowd and Don Courtright of Caldwell, Kansas, displayed his ? scale 2HP Witte on a well constructed set-up. Harold Cooper and George Oiler were two of our largest exhibitors with rare and common makes alike to make the show a success. We had Larry Beauford of Seminole, Oklahoma, with his Browne Tractor. Larry had requested information through GEM and now has all these little tractors known to exist. He found them to be made for amusement park rides many years ago.

Thus ended our 1987 Saturday meeting of old iron buffs. The show was considered a great success by the sponsors: George Oiler, R. D. Corley and Richard Vogt. Plans are being made for our 5th show the first Saturday of October 1988.

Honorable mention goes out to Mary Oiler for chasing everyone down to sign the register and issue the souvenir tags. She worked while all of us played all day.