Antique Engine and Air Compressor

| April/May 1989

  • 1 HP Gray engine
    1 HP Gray engine, owned and restored by Dan Lindberg, 990 Mace Road, Duluth, Minnesota $5804.

  • 1 HP Gray engine

990 Mace Road, Duluth, MN 55804

Last year I got the engine, a 1 HP Gray, from Kim Johnson, a local implement dealer. He had hauled it down from Fairlight, Saskatchewan where it had originally run a cream separator.

The old farmer that had it said they had thrown it out because it never ran right, but the Associated engine they replaced it with was worse.

When I got the engine, it was a real : basket-case. I began restoring it in my Junior High School shop class. It had thrown a rod and there was a chunk out of the block where the oiler sits. The rod cap was missing, along with all of the governor parts (somebody had made a new one and they did a poor job of it), the pushrod, rocker arm, lubricator, and muffler were missing, along with some other small bits and pieces.

The head was a real mess, too. The valve guides were broken off with the valves bent over inside them, the little fork that holds the rocker arm was broken in four places. The threaded boss where the muffler screws in was also broken off. The needle valve in the carburetor was bent over and rusted solid, too.

When I managed to get the piston unstuck, I had another unpleasant surprise. There were no rings, and the end of the connecting rod was nearly rusted away to nothing (I can't imagine why, it had been sitting in a manure pile since 1940).