Another Long Lost United

| April/May 1992

4 HP United engines

3201 Burnett Road, Suwanee, Georgia 30174.

I read with much interest the two stories in the October 1991 issue of GEM about the 4? HP United engines. One story was by Mr. Joe Kocher, the other was by Mr. Jim Albaitis.

In July of 1991, quite by accident, I ran across one of the same engines, in a field only a few hundred feet from where I have lived for 32 years.

I knew nothing about this engine, except that I had to get my hands on it. The lady who had lived there for 37 years said it had always been there, and was always in the way of plowing and tending the crops. She gave me the engine and told me to do whatever pleased me. I was thrilled beyond any words!

With the help of my eleven year old son, Jeremy, it was almost effortless to get the engine home and check out its needs.

To my disbelief it was not too rusty, was complete, and had nothing broken. The only evidence of time's injury was a frozen tight piston and a missing fuel tank.