Another fine Tochtrop model

| October 2008

  • FineTochtropmodel.jpg

  • FineTochtropmodel.jpg

I built this Economy engine from castings purchased from Joe Tochtrop, San Francisco. The castings are aluminum with cast iron flywheels that were easy to machine. The flywheels are 6-1/4 inches and 6-7/8 inches from base to top. The engine is 12 inches long and easily pulls the pump shown in the photo.

The pump was easily machined from cast iron kits and is 17-7/8 inches tall. The pump cylinder and piston are made of brass. I use baby oil to lubricate and to prevent corrosion. The pump piston uses an O-ring and either a neoprene or leather flapper valve on top of the piston. The pump jacks are 12-to-1 reduction.

- Frank Pellizzari

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