Another Fairbanks-Morse Story

| December/January 1991

2844 E. 12th Avenue, Apache Junction, Arizona 85219.

When I lived in Oklahoma, there was an oil rig close to my house. I was amazed to watch this one-lung Superior engine pop and wheeze unerringly, no matter the weather. I wanted an engine like that; rustis first attack.

Much later I moved to Apache Junction, Arizona. There, I came across a second-hand store where the owner sold artifacts from our many mining sites.

Having been raised in the rural life, I mused over the implements of yesteryear. THERE IT WAS! Two big cast iron wheels showing through a pile of stable tack and chains. I dug through this pile, and found a well rusted 6 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', the brass nameplate still attached.

The piston was gone, as were the main bearings and magneto. The carburetor and head hung loosely from the head bolts. Despite the rusted exterior, the cylinder walls and journals were clean. The carburetor was rusted inside and outside; the linkage was missing.

This engine had been used to pump water out of our mine shafts-being underground would account for the rusted exterior.

6/4/2016 9:54:12 PM

Very inspiring story. I guess all the missing part I need may still be found for my newly acquired FM 6hp Z. Such as, head, carb, magneto, and main caps to name a few.