| January/February 1982

It was used to shell corn

R.R., Pickrell, Nebraska 68422

This eight-horse Dempster was found in a pasture south of Humbolt, Nebraska. The front wheels were missing and a swarm of bees had taken residence in the seat.

George Dorn and I asked Clarence Zimmerman (a bee man) to help us. Clarence donned his gear and using a bolt cutter freed the seat and carried it 30 feet. But some of the bees, very enranged by now, stayed near the engine. We asked a nearby farmer with a tractor cab to help us. Clarence attached a chain to the engine and thus it was pulled to a safer area. We loaded and took it home minus the seat. The engine was complete except for the trucks and the gas tank was rusted.

George had a cedar tree cut into boards at a saw mill and I took some to Schoettler's in Beatrice to have them sanded. Dale Haecker, a Pickrell cabinet maker, made the box seat.

Originally this engine was purchased from Dempster's in Beatrice. It was used to shell corn. When I got it all ready, we hooked it up to Dwayne Parde's four-hole International Harvester spring sheller and shelled 200 bushels.