An Old Hobby Revisited:MY MENAGERIE

| January/February 1995

  • old Briggs
    A nice old Briggs picked up at a local flea market.
  • Old Shaw cycle engine
    A very nice old Shaw cycle engine, approximately 1907.

  • old Briggs
  • Old Shaw cycle engine

R #2, Box 371-13, Buckhannon, West Virginia

Back in the middle '60s, I hung my hat out in Southern Iowa, in a tiny town called Cincinnati, not to be confused with the one in Ohio. I worked with a manufacturing concern that made farm equipment and other things. I also worked at a machine shop. I told you this so you will understand this: while working at the machine shop, I got to see a lot of old iron of various kinds. I sure liked to hear the pop-pop-pft-pft-pft!- some of the sweetest sounds I ever heard! I had to have one!

I had a bunch of small air cooleds of various kinds. I kept the neighbor kids well supplied with go-karts and scooters. I enlisted the help of several of the young'in's to help find some old iron. Believe me it worked! I was informed that the local junkyard had some, about seven or eight. Actually, they had six and I got 'em all. That got me started.

Over a period of three years I acquired about a dozen or so more. My favorite was a little IH make and break. (If anyone out in South Iowa runs into a little IH 1? HP that is black with gold pin striping, it is very likely my PET!)

That was then.

I sold out and moved back to my home state of West Virginia. I now have half interest in a garage/machine shop. I got working with old iron again and it opened the gates for all the old memories, so here I am, collecting the old ones again.