| January/February 1977

  • Alamo engine

  • Alamo engine

R. R. 13, Box 302, Muncie, Indiana 47302

On both sides of the water hopper in bright and beautiful red, yellow and black colors are the words 'The Engine of Quality.' In this manner the manufacturer of the Alamo engine in Hillsdale, Michigan labeled their product.

Our Alamo engine is a type A, 3 HP painted a bright blue color, following the sub-name on the brass plate 'A Blue Line Engine.' This engine is rather large and heavy for 3 HP. It is a hit and miss, igniter fired by battery and coil, open crank engine. Fuel is delivered to the carburetor by means of a pump and there is a goodly amount of plumbing with the pipes all painted bright red. This is one of the leading attractions of the engine. We have it mounted on a steel wheeled hand truck painted in red. It runs very well and we all like to hear it bark.

Pictured with the Alamo engine are my twin son and daughter, four years old, Lori and Scott Siefker. They are both 'engine buffs.'

Don Kenyon_1
5/31/2009 3:36:27 PM

Please Help me Identify one of your Engines. ID # 113224 with original mag, original muffler and gas can tank. Thank you Don Kenyon, 585-352-1165 cell, Hilton, New York, 14468