| August/September 1989

  • Twin engines of 800 HP
    Twin engines of 800 HP
    George G. Scott

  • Twin engines of 800 HP

15023 Pepperwood, Omaha, Nebraska 68154

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.' So read the motto of that mail-order giant, Montgomery Ward & Co. , after the turn of the century. It must not have been an idle saying, as they're still in business today. Some early information I have on the company from that same era states that their employment reached as high as 3,500 people. Their building, located at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Madison Street in Chicago, was powered by twin engines of 800 HP just to serve their own lighting and electrical needs.

We tend to take for granted the tremendous impact these huge catalog houses had on American rural life during the first half of this century. Their catalogs both educated the public as to the ever changing cornucopia of merchandise available, and provided a convenient outlet for purchasing. Even the most spectacular Grand Openings of new stores today pale in comparison to the thrill of receiving the new 'wish book' in the farm mailbox. The scope of merchandise sold was boundless- hardware, soft goods, toys, houses, even gas engines. Sears sold gas engines, the best known being the 'Economy', manufactured by Hercules. Ward, likewise, sold many Sattleys through their outlets.

According to Wendel's Encyclopedia of American Gas Engines, Ward offered the Newark Engine line prior to the Sattleys, and even before that, an engine called the 'Always Ready'. This Always Ready was manufactured by the Burtt Mfg. Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan. It's the same as their 'Kalamazoo' engine, and was built in 2 HP and 5 HP sizes. Since I haven't been able to find any reference to either of these engines in back issues of GEM that I looked through, I presume neither company sold very many by either name. Maybe Montgomery Ward discovered too little 'satisfaction' and too much 'your money back', and found a different source.

In any event, I'm pleased to say that I now have one of the 2 HP Always Ready models. Harold Green located this engine near his home in Avoca, Iowa, and passed on to my family the opportunity to buy it as a surprise for me, Christmas last. It came in original condition, and seemed to be missing only the push rod for the exhaust valve. Given the years of neglect it had suffered, we considered it in pretty good shape.

The engine has a cylinder barrel bolted to the crankcase, with openings in the top for individual intake and exhaust valve assemblies to set in. The valves are then clamped down with a single stud bolt. It's a hit and miss engine, with the governor and cam mechanism mounted outside the crankcase. Cooling is by percolation through an external water tank. Gas is gravity fed through an Essex carburetor, with regulation of both air and gas. Another feature is heavy counterweights bolted onto the crankshaft inside the enclosed crankcase.


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