| November/December 1994

8912 N. Rasmussen, Tucson, Arizona 85741-9620

I would like to tell you how I went to a yard sale in town and bought this 2 HP Aermotor for $25.00. I took it home, oiled it up, and with a fresh battery, it was up and running in just under 45 minutes, humming like your granny's Singer sewing machine. I really would like to tell you that. Really!

Actually, I first saw this engine six years ago. A fourteen year old friend of my son was over and he told me he saw an old engine on Grant Road, right in town! In describing it, he noted the hopper was tin and shaped like an accordion. Out came the yellow book and opened to Aermotor. 'Yup, that's it!' he said, so off we go.

To make a long story short, Manny the owner didn't want to sell at all. He just enjoyed the way it looked and even quite a lot of money did not interest him. I went home in an empty truck. I went back about every six months and tried every way I could think of to trade for it or buy it.

After three years, Manny had a yard sale, and when my friend Ron Upham happened by, he believed Manny was ready to sell it. The two men knew each other and during their conversation, Manny mentioned a fireman had been trying for three years to buy it from him. Ron said, 'If that fireman is Everett Hayden, I will buy it only if he turns down your offer to sell first.'

Ron, thank you. My friend called me at home and told me what had happened. Well, since another fireman friend had told me about the sale, I showed up and bought the Aermotor just after Ron left. I was just unloading it when Ron called and we had a good laugh together.