Advice to Engine Widows

| December/January 1985

10819 Tucker Rd., Rt. #1 Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050

Enthusiasts, I'm sure I need not inform you that cooler weather is here. Soon the engine shows will be over for most of us until next spring.

I'm sure most engine widows will be relieved by this. Now you will be geared up to go tackle those little things that need to be done. Probably by now, though, your wives have done these jobs. Not to worry, there surely are some big jobs left for you.

Maybe if you get bored you can do a little housekeeping or babysitting. Even better, try taking your wife out for an evening to help compensate for all those times you left her alone so you could be with your engines. Then you hope she will forgive and forget. She must think you had forgotten her, temporarily.

This will be a chance for some of you to get your sons to clean up their acts, or at least themselves, after a summer of setting them free in your paradise of grease, rust, sandblasting, and painting all this dirt which your widow must contend with on laundry day. The least you can do is stock up on Lest oil, detergent, and stain remover this coming season for this poor woman.

It is now time to put away your engines in your workshop in a place where you can easily sneak out to work on and tinker with them. The only problem is that things usually seem to pile up around this place and by spring you will have to pick up, load up, and pack up all those things that were picked up.