Acquiring and Restoring a RAWLEIGH-SCHRYER

| September/October 1986

  • Rawleigh - Schryer

  • Rawleigh - Schryer

  • Rawleigh - Schryer
  • Rawleigh - Schryer

15023 Pepperwood Dr. Omaha, Nebraska 68154

One Sunday last fall a friend called, got me out of bed, and suggested that I carry a couple of my engines over to a local show. The weather was on target for most shows I seem to pick rainy. Anyway, I loaded up my fleet (all three engines) and headed over. Shortly thereafter, I was tired of cranking, but all three were running.

All was going well when a couple of fellows came by and asked if I knew anything about 'RS' engines. My intelligent answer was 'nope'. Seems as though their grandmother had one out in the barn, and if I was interested they would take me over there. Need I say more? 15 minutes later we were pulling into their farm, where the grandmother ran a small antique shop.

Sure enough, back in one corner of the barn, where it obviously had been for many years, sat this little 1 HP engine. Dirt and dust covered it well but I was able to see it was all there. The flywheels turned and only the intake valve was stuck. Closer inspection found a nameplate on the side of the hopper. It was a Rawleigh - Schryer. This still didn't ring any bells, but I sure liked the looks of it.

The lady who owned it didn't know much about the engine except that she wanted to get rid of it. When we got around to talking price though, I found she was apparently more attached to it than she let on. I thought the price was too high, and being a college student, I sure couldn't afford it. The lady was very nice though, and I promised to think about buying the engine and to bring my mom by to visit her antique shop.

I soon found my early thinking wrong on several counts. Several friends graciously advised as to the true value of that somewhat rare and highly collectible engine, with statements like 'You knucklehead, why didn't you buy it?' I also was able to scrounge up a few bucks, so when I took Mom over to visit the lady, we started serious negotiations. I found her becoming less attached to the machine than I thought, for she immediately put it on a half-price sale. We finally concluded negotiations early in the spring, with all my final-final offers being rejected. But, after five months of working on the deal, I found that I could afford it by cutting out a few frivilous purchases, like food, gas, clothing and such trivia. So now, the Rawleigh - Schryer is mine.


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