A Young Engine Enthusiast

| October/November 1998

5 HP New Holland

Woody Sins

3 Edna Terrace, New Hartford, New York 13413

One of the more enjoyable rites of spring is starting some of the old iron for the first time in the year, especially if it is a new addition. Picture #1 is the latest addition to my collection. It is a 5 HP New Holland, and was the result of a horse-trade that took place entirely via e-mail. It was built in 1916. The kid in the picture is Danny Miles, my nephew. He is nine years old, goes to the Rochester (New York) School for the Deaf, and is a big old iron fan. He is shown trying to crank the engine over. I told him if could start it, he could have it. He didn't.

The engine in picture #2 is another story. It is a 2 HP Bullseye, and Danny can start it quite well. The offer didn't apply to that engine. Danny also likes to ride around on a Planet Jr. garden tractor with home-brew sulky seat.