| September/October 1966

4023 South Quaker Rd., Gasport, New York

The Angola gasoline engine is a 1908 and was bought to operate a wood-working shop on the Johnson Creek Road in Niagara County by Ernest Brown. Later, in 1912, he brought the engine up to the village of Johnson Creek to pump the water used in making the concrete for the bridge that crosses the creek there on route 104. Then it was taken back to the shop. The next year, 1913, Mr. Brown built a shop at the corner of the Johnson Creek Road and route 104 at the village and set the engine up to operate the shop. Later he turned the wood shop into a garage and machine shop and used the Angola to turn a line shaft for a lathe, emery wheel, drill press, air compressor and water pump. However the engine has stood on its concrete base from 1913 until 1963 when I acquired it.

When I bought the engine it was owned by Ira Mower who had bought the shop from the estate of Mr. Brown who passed away quite some years ago. Mr. Mower operated the garage and shop until about five years ago. I remembered the engine as a boy and went one day to see if it was still there. The shop was closed but I looked in the back window and could see it standing there belted to the line shaft. I had to wait a few days for Mr. Mower to get home as he was away on vacation, and then made a deal for the engine.

It was quite a job to load it as it weighs about 1600 lbs. After it was cleaned I could see the original paint which was a dark maroon that could be matched very well. A radiator tank and gas tank had to be made. Some of the gas lines were broken along with the gas cup above the mixing valve as it has a return line to the main tank for gas not used that the pump supplies to the fuel glass cup. The governor stem was broken. This really was the most difficult part to repair.

This Angola engine was made in Angola, Ind. and is engine No. 511, 4 h.p., make and break battery and coil ignition. The cylinder is 5 x 8 and runs as smooth as a kitten a very pretty engine.

This car is a home made auto which I made. My oldest son Roy, from Wichita, Kansas, and his youngest sister are in it. Roy is a truck driver for the Jackson Freight Company in Wichita, Kansas.