A True Engine Man

| May/June 1997

4185 Graham Road East Jordan, Michigan 49727

Mr. A. D. Graham of East Jordan, Michigan, is a true engine man in every sense of the word. He is at home repairing and running his Baker steamer, adjusting a thresher properly, repairing an old one lunger, or building a scale model OilPull. In fact, he is able to do anything on, or with, old equipment and do it very well.

A. D. was born in 1909 when steam was king and work was hard, but rewarding. The engine bug bit him early in life, especially when at age 15 he started to run the Baker steamer that he still owns.

Over the years he has built, restored or repaired all types of old tractors, Model T Fords, steamers, engines, etc. All the items he builds are well done, both in appearance and performance. The following engines were built in the last five years with one in construction stage and more being planned.

Built from an old vertical air compressor, this engine has fabricated head, valves and rocker arms, Model T Ford timing gears, Wisconsin VE4 piston and connecting rod (rod modified in length). Its Model T Ford magneto was installed on the end of the crankshaft to supply electricity for itself and others in the immediate area. The engine block was drilled for auxiliary exhaust to aid in cooling. Governor, timer for the Model T coil, and fuel mixer are of his own design. The engine starts and runs very well.

This one is built from same type of old air compressor as engine #1, except it has the cylinder sticking up rather than down. It has new fabricated head, rocker arms, and governor, with some variations to engine #1. Flywheels are from International 1.5 HP. Mixer is a modified 1.5 Economy. Also it has an auxiliary exhaust same as #1, and his own design of timer for driving the Model T Ford coil.