A Starting Party, A Time of Fun!

| July/August 1993

  • 1 HP Cushman 'X' engine

  • 1 HP Cushman 'X' engine

190530 Carter Canyon Road, Gering, Nebraska 69341.

In May of 1992, I had just returned from a trip to Colorado visiting my sons. I got a phone call from a neighbor, who knew of my interest in antique engines. He asked if, upon my arrival home, I noticed anything in front of my shop door. I told him I had not had a chance to go out to my shop as yet, and he said I would be pleasantly surprised when I saw what he brought me.

I immediately went out to the shop building, and saw an old 3 HP Witte just laying there waiting to be restored! I called my neighbor to thank him for the engine and to ask him what I owed him for this jewel of a find. He said he found it in a junk pile on a Western Nebraska farm, and that I didn't owe him anything, although there were some 'strings attached.' I wasn't sure what this meant, but in a few days I found out, when he came driving in with another old engine on his trailer.

This was a 1? HP Cushman 'X' engine. It had been purchased new by his grandfather, and had sat outside in a tree row on the family farm for many years. The 'strings attached' statement concerning the Witte, involved restoring the Cushman for him. It seemed to me that this was a fair price for the Witte (which according to C. H. Wendel, was made in 1918.)

I am relatively new in the antique engine business, and have restored only three or four engines. I have a number of engines waiting to be restored, but the Witte captured my interest and restoration of any other engine took a back seat to restoring it.

My first challenge was getting the stuck piston out. I put the entire water hopper assembly to soak in diesel fuel for a few weeks, and then rigged up a hydraulic jack to the connecting rod, and much to my surprise the piston jacked right out! I then proceeded to clean up all of the parts, have them sand blasted and readied for paint. According to an instruction book that I had obtained on this engine, a Bosch trip type magneto was available for purchase as an option on this engine when it was new. The engine had all of the hardware for this magneto, but the magneto itself was missing. Therefore I opted to set this engine up with a battery ignition. In doing this, I had to make some parts for the spark advance mechanism, and they seem to perform well. The main bearings and the rod bearings were in good enough condition that I did not have to pour new babbitt. After sand blasting all parts, making some new parts where possible, and buying other parts from outside suppliers, I primed and painted all parts. The engine was then re-assembled, minus the rod and piston!


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