A Snowy Scene

| December/January 1991

Plowing ability of this rig

Wine Road New Braintree, Massachusetts 01531.

Here are two photos of a 1939 John Deere 'A' with a homemade cab, taken in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, during the winter of 1945-46. This tractor was owned by Donald Adams, who was hired by several towns to open country roads that were closed by drifting snow. The V-plow was mounted on the arms of a Dingley loader which was made in Franklin, Massachusetts. The loader consisted of two straight pipes for push arms that were attached to pivots on the rear axle, with a welded pipe design on the front end.

These push arms were lifted by a single vertical piston mounted on the front of the tractor through a cable and sheave arrangement that can be seen in one photo. The Dingley was one of the first hydraulic loaders in this area. The photo of the plowed area shows the secret of the plowing ability of this rig. Due to the high hydraulic lift, it was possible to maneuver to push and lift the snow up over the snow banks on the sides of the road.

One photo shows a road after it was plowed by this tractor. I am standing in front of the plow in the second photo which shows the hydraulic lift arrangement.