A Saturday Afternoon Find

| June/July 1988

  • 1935 Stover MV 5
    'After' photo of 1935 Stover MV 5.

  • 1935 Stover MV 5

134 Kahn Rd. N. Franklin, CT. 06254

My lady friend and I spend a lot of our spare time driving around in the country. We always try to stay off the interstate highways. We do this for a couple of reasons, mainly because the pace and scenery are a lot more enjoyable.

This Saturday we had not ventured far from home, only 15 miles or so. We were making all turns possible to stay off any roads we had already been on.

In all our travels there is always the hope of finding an engine or other 'neat' piece of old machinery.

On this day we were on our way home when, all of a sudden, I noticed an engine between a garage and the road, a space of about 2 feet. Brake real hard and turn around! Pull up in front of the garage only to have the owner walk out, wow, how convenient!

The usual discussion about getting rid of that old engine. Well are you sure you want it. The carb is missing as well as the mag and also the flywheel is broken.