A River Relic

| November/December 2000

3728 Cactus Drive Pineville, Louisiana 71360

On a hot 'with a capital 'H' south Mississippi day, yet another quest for an old iron relic began to unfold, as the crew, consisting of Charles Sharp Jr. and Sr., and Robert boarded the SS Lost Bayou for a journey reminiscent of that of a Jacques Cousteau adventure up the Amazon River, complete with alligators slithering off the banks. Thus we made our way up this godforsaken river. We were overwhelmed by the majestic moss-laden cypress trees and giant 100 year old cottonwoods. They stood there as silent witnesses to past events along this unique forgotten river.

After many miles up the river, lo and behold! There it sat, in its watery grave, the object of our search. It was a circa 1910 4-cylinder, about 50 HP, Clifton marine engine, manufactured in Ohio. After our photo session, and conjugating up thoughts of how and why it came to rest at this place, we again boarded the SS Lost Bayou for our return trip, only to glance back knowing that the echo of its exhaust will be forever silent, but wishing we could just say 'Abracadabra' and it would come back to life. Oh well, so much for that!

Indeed our trip in search of the 'River Relic' has made indelible memories.