A Question for Fairbanks-Morse Owners

| May/June 1977

1336 Peach Avenue, El Cajon, California 92021

I recently received a copy of C. H. Wendel's 'Power in the Past' - Volume 2, a history of Fairbanks, Morse and Company.

It was a most interesting and informative book.

However, page 98 raises a question. There is a list of serial numbers by year. The numbers range from 1911 to 1948 and the last number recorded is 908813 -this is supposed to be the highest serial number used on Fairbanks-Morse engines. However, I have a 2 HP F-M kerosene engine (see pictures) which very clearly shows the serial number 1114600. I wrote to Mr. Wendel and he replied that to the best of his knowledge F-M never made any engines with a seven digit serial number.

I would like to have all your Fairbanks-Morse owners check their serial numbers and see if anyone else has one with a seven digit number. If so, let me know. Please send a rubbing (use soft lead pencil and paper) if necessary. I'll get the information and send it on to Mr. Wendel and see if he can shed some light on this. Also, be sure to include the style, model and horse power rating with the serial number.

John Toom, who is a well-known engine collector in the Southeastern El Cajon area, suggested that maybe the engine was made just a few years ago in Mexico -I doubt it.