| September/October 1968

12198- 14th Avenue North, Haney, B.C., Canada

I visited the Pioneer Museum at Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, two years ago and this is what I saw. First inside the main building, a 2 cylinder Brant-ford Ideal tractor, hopper cooled opposed cylinders, magneto ignition and like all the other items in this building, in perfect, shape and painted like new. Next to it a Townsend 2 cylinder. It looks like a steamer as the boiler is the cooling tank and it has a smoke stack for the exhaust; a 12-25 H.P. 3 wheel Happy Farmer; Canada 2 cylinder on wooden frame. 1918. base 10-20 3 wheel, 4 cylinder tractor; Bahes Steel mule, drum drive, I cylinder Gray, 1918 2 cylinder 20-40 Oil Pull; Monarch 30-60 Crawler, 1916 Bull 3 wheel 2 cylinder, 1915 Moline 2 cylinder, 2 wheel drive; an old lime, I horse treadmill and hanging from the ceiling a Gypsy Moth single sealer monoplane. 2 cylinder, 2 cylinder and I cylinder air cooled aero engines.

In cars, first 1907 Ford with brass radiator. 1903 1 cylinder Cadillac, 1910 2 cylinder Buick, 1922 Ford sedan. National 1916, 1907 Maxwell, 1934 Cord front wheel drive, 1911 Franklin air cooled. 1904 cylinder Oldsmobile, 1911 Hupp electric, 1907 I.H.C. 2 cylinder air cooled auto wagon, 1896 4 cylinder wood wheels, wood frame right-hand steering, no body made by G. limes, Glasgow. Scotland. Next on the line Sawyer-Massey portable steam engine with vertical boiler and horizontal engine, a G.M.C. Samson seive grip 4 cylinder tractor. Next were lire engines, 2 wheel hand pump tank lire engines, 1906 Waterous I cylinder inverted gas engine, horse drawn lire engine, 1912 American LaFrance aerial ladder 18 feet long. front wheel drive, 2 cylinder, had one man to steer al the back and one at the front to steer and drive, 1906 Tudhope 2 cylinder air cooled gas buggy, 1906 lovely black horse drawn hearse, 1916 Magerus fire engine made in Germany and used by the Calgary, Alberta, Fire Department.

Inside were many horse drawn wagons, sleighs, buggys, as well as old time household items, also guns, Indian beaded coats, etc.

This is my 1925 McCormick-Deering 15-30 H.P. tractor. I got it three months ago.

An 8-16 Mogul tractor at the Pioneer Museum at Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada, taken in August 1966.