A Murphy From Spain!

| September/October 1992

  • Murphy, MWM diesel Engine'

  • Murphy, MWM diesel Engine'

1818 Harrison Hutchinson, Kansas 67502

A few years ago, when I acquired this engine, it looked very neglected. It was very dirty, with no oil filter, gauge or fuel tank on it. The crank was missing, and the electric starter was gone.

I made a crank and discovered that was for counter-clock-wise rotation, which is the opposite of most engines, and by the camshaft instead of the crankshaft. There was a compression release for hand-cranking.

After I installed new rings, ground valves, and installed new rod bearing inserts, I spent several minutes cranking it with no luck in getting it to fire.

I belted a two cylinder J.D. Luc to it. After several minutes it started to fire and smoked a few minutes. Then it started firing and it began running along fine!

I can hand crank it without any trouble now. It is a Murphy, MWM diesel, made in Spain, with these markings: LKS 11 HP, 1981 molded on crankcase, 987.1. 1 4378, 04002-025, bore 85mm, stroke 90mm, 1800 r.p.m., oil capacity 1.371, air cooled.