A Letter from A Young Collector

| July/August 1974

Seth Johannsen

Seth Johannsen

Spencer, Iowa

(Seth Johannsen, of Spencer, Iowa, is a 13-year-old collector who has been at it since age 9. We asked for a letter from him when his mother, Mrs. K.M. Johannsen, wrote to tell us how he enjoys Gas Engine Magazine. Here is the reply, with pictures. We are glad to encourage all young collectors. -Editor Gerry Lestz)

Dear Mr. Lestz:

I am finally able to send you the pictures and the information you asked for. It has been cold with rain and snow here in northern Iowa and we did get some snapshots during one brief afternoon of sunshine.

My mother will type this for me at 13, I haven't learned that yet.

The first thing that I acquired for my collection is the black enameled Ritter Dental aircompressor. I think it has a 1/2 HP elec motor and the Pat. date on it is 1916-1917. It has an endless flat drive belt.