A Horseless Wagon 1909 1910

| July/August 1973

In 1909, this horseless wagon was the talk of Blue Ball, Pa. and surroundings. It was there that P. E. Shirk, a local innovator, built it for farm transport work. New Holland engines supplied the power to make it go.

What a Blue Ball Man Has Done to Make Work Easier On the Farm.

P. E. Shirk, the well known inventor and machinist, of Blue Ball, (Pa.), has constructed a new horseless farm wagon. The wagon consists of a truck eleven feet long and about four feet wide mounted on 4 wheels. Toward the rear end of the truck a 3 horse power New Holland gasoline engine is placed. To the rear of the engine is the drivers' seat. To the front of the engine is the wagon bed.

The driving mechanism is so constructed that the driver guides the machine and handles the forward and backward motion by the use of only one guiding wheel or lever.

So far as this new device has been tested it has given good satisfaction. Mr. Shirk intends building larger ones and making improvements on them.

This auto-wagon will become a handy thing on the farm. It furnishes its own propelling power and can be used to haul all manner of farm products, including hay and straw. It can be easily driven from one part of the farm to another and can be used to furnish power of stone crushing, chopping, woodsawing and the like.