A Grandson To Be Proud Of

| May/June 1994

  • Tim Moenck

  • Tim Moenck

(Tim's Grandpa) P.O. Box 432 Eitzen, Minnesota 55931

Pictured is sixteen-year-old Tim Moenck with one of his dad's engines. Tim built the cart. He had only two wheels so he made the smaller ones. He bent the rims by heating them in his grandpa's forge and did all the welding.

Tim is now restoring a Fairbanks Z that his dad bought. The piston was stuck but he and his grandpa used a sleeve puller disk to support the piston and pushed it out the crankshaft end with the sleeve puller screw anchored to the cylinder head studs.

When Tim is done with the Fairbanks, he will work on an International model L that he and his dad found by an old well in the woods. Tim reads his grandpa's GEM and his dad gets parts from some of the advertisers.