A Czechoslovakian Treasure

| September/October 2001

Langhuisterweg45, 9076 PL Sint Anna Parochie, the Netherlands, E-mail: h.terpstra@wxs.nl

This Lorenz engine is probably late teen/early twenties. It was made in Czechoslovakia and is of a very high quality. It's 4HP but weighs about 1600 lbs.! The canopy is original.

The hit and miss governor works on the intake valve. Note the pedestal mounted fuel tank. The engine has a belt driven water pump to aid cooling.

I haven't very much information about the history of this engine. Lorenz was probably a large factory. Rumors go that they sold their engines with a small thresher as a complete set. Looking at our Lorenz, it's quite obvious that it was an 'expensive' engine. I'm sure the canopy was an option, as there are very few Lorenz engines with a canopy.

The engine is built to a high standard. It has bronze bearings and bronze bearing blocks on the connecting rod for big end and wrist pin box. All bearings and major parts have the engine serial number stamped in.

The hit and miss governor works on the intake valve; the governor just 'pulls' the cam out of the way of the cam follower, preventing the intake valve from opening.