A Case for Keeping Records

| April/May 1993

409 Mills Lane, New Albany, Indiana 47150

Being a relative newcomer to this hobby, only about two years now, I am rather hesitant about writing anything that sounds likes I'm giving advice, so let me tell you about this dumb idea I have. I'm going to use a few hypothetical situations; hopefully, you can fit yourself into one of them.

1.) It's midway through engine show season and you've had a busy year. You've been gone almost every weekend to a show and most of your engines have been run a good deal. You notice the oil in the John Deere 1 HP looks a little odd, not really dirty, just off color. 'Let's see, when did I change it? At the beginning of the season, no, that was the McCormick Deering; well it must have been last season then!' Wouldn't you prefer to know exactly when you changed the oil, and maybe a close estimate of how many hours it had been run since then, and maybe even an estimate of how much oil you have added to it along the way?

2.) This past spring, you took a friend along to a show, and now he's interested in getting into the hobby. You've kinda taken him under your wing and are encouraging him (as many of you do, thankfully). He calls one Saturday morning and says, 'Hey, pal, I located an Economy just like yours, in good mechanical condition, running and reasonable. It does need a good cleaning and going through and probably paint. How much will it cost to get it in show condition?' You could use your vast experience and give him your best guess, or you could look in your records and quote him what you paid for decals, gaskets, paint (as well as colors and brands), and you might even have sources for these as well as parts and manuals. You could probably even give him a good estimate of how many hours are involved in the restoration.

3.) Christmas is a month past; the grey, snowy, windy, cold weather has gotten the best of you. Off we go to Florida, for two weeks. Plan on taking in at least one engine show while there (it's almost sinful that those folks can enjoy their engines all year round). Returning home, you find that while you were soaking up sunshine and thoroughly enjoying yourself, some low-life circumvented your triple shielded, supersonic, high-tech security system and made off with your most prized engine. After the normal period of grieving and ranting, it is decided to ring up the insurance company; 'What do you mean you have to have the serial number? Why didn't you get the serial number when you wrote the policy? I can't believe you expect me to have that kind of information!'

4.) At a local Fall Festival, you have your engines set up and running when a stranger approaches and comments, 'My dad had one of those on the farm, but it somehow got away from us. Would you be interested in selling it?' All engines are prized possessions, some more than others. It so happens that you know where there is an engine you would die for, you just have to have it. So, under the circumstances, you might be willing to part with this one. 'Now let's see, I bought this from, 'what's his name' and I paid !@#! Heck, I'm not sure. Well, let me think, what did I have to do to it and how much did I spend to get it running?'


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