A Battery Eliminator for an Economy

| August/September 1993

  • HP Economy Engines

  • HP Economy Engines

8204 Gordon Lane, Hermitage, Tennessee 37076

After building the magneto for a Fairbanks Morse (published in December 1992 issue), I acquired a 5 HP Economy with a low tension igniter on it for the ignition.

When the engine restoration was completed, it was set up to run on a battery and coil.

At one of the shows, I recalled seeing an engine running on a low tension magneto driven from the flywheel. Wanting to duplicate this principal, I recalled some years back that I had experimented, using an automotive heater motor for a generator.

With a trip to the local parts store, I asked for a 12 volt heater motor with a 5/16 inch single shaft, permanent magnets in the fields, reversible with an insulated circuit. He came up with a Bravo U208919.

After racing home and hooking up the motor in a drill, my son cranked the engine while I held the drill and motor. Bingo! I hit pay dirt. Now, to fine tune the project.