A 1913 New Holland

Putting the Finishing Touches on a Fine Engine

| November/December 2001

  • New Holland engine

  • New Holland engine

Bob Naske's 1913 2 HP, s/n P3430, New Holland. Practice makes perfect, as Bob found out applying his own striping to the engine and truck.

In the few years that I have been I interested in old engines I do not remember seeing any New Holland engines at shows north of the Pennsylvania border - especially so here in eastern New York! So in looking for a different engine to display in this area, I began to search for a small New Holland. I looked for a HP, but thought they might be a bit overpriced, and the 1 HP with its single flywheel was very difficult to find. So, through an internet acquaintance I purchased this 1913 2 HP, s/n P3430, in Maryland.

It was painted an incorrect bright red and was on a set of homemade steel trucks. After getting it home it sat in a corner for several months while other engines were brought back to life. Every time I looked at the new Holland, with its incorrect color and ugly (but well built) trucks, I said I should do something with that engine sometime! After finishing another engine the decision was made to fix up the New Holland real nice - as nice as my artist wife and me the mechanic were able to do.

So it all started with a call to a Gas Engine Magazine advertiser - Mr. Cliff Moyer in New Holland country. He is a very knowledgeable and helpful New Holland collector who sent me a lot of information, pictures and some parts. Mechanically the engine needed a new muffler and a gas tank cleaning.

At that point I knew that an engine of this quality should have a nice set of skids, or better yet some wheels under it. Mr. Moyer was able to locate a reproduction set of New Holland number 11 trucks in new, unfinished condition. A summer weekend trip to get the trucks, see his New Holland collection and enjoy the beautiful country of eastern Pennsylvania was most enjoyable.

Play time over, time to get to work. The engine and new trucks were painted a dark burgundy. Before the burgundy paint was applied I could see sections of the original striping under the incorrect red, so we had a partial pattern for our striping. I have noticed variations in striping in the literature we have, so could it be that the original stripers were given the freedom to vary the patterns a little to suit their particular style? In getting estimates for striping I found prices in the $200 range, and even then I couldn't be sure of an accurate job, even with the pictures I would provide. So I purchased a Beugler paint striping wheel for less than the price of an unknown stripe job. And then it was practice, practice, and more practice!


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