'98 Sistersville, West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival Show Report

| September/October 1999

15 HP J. P. Berry

15 HP J. P. Berry, owner Cliff Atkinson.

Rt. 1, Box 209 Middlebourne, West Virginia 26149

Another gas engine show is in the 'book.' A dandy show it was! We had another great turnout of engines of every description; farm engines of all sorts were on hand, as well as a good turnout of oilfield engines. A total of 508 engines, 50 models, and 40-plus related displays from 13 states and Canada were represented.

One of several memorable activities was Dave Smith and Ron Holms' 22? Bessemer. They barely got it together in time for the show. They pulled in from just down the road at Bens Run, West Virginia, knowing they would surely garner some help if needed. After they kicked ol' Bessie for about two hours to no avail, the help gathered in. John Roop of Walkersville, Maryland, stripped the hot tube ignition system from his 25 HP Reid and in no time ol' Bessie was running! Well, after some time, John decided he needed to run his Reid, so he reclaimed his ignition system from two reluctant exhibitors. But they had scrutinized his ignition system and went hunting some parts of their own. It wasn't long until the kicking of ol' Bessie began again, and after a little sweat on their brow she was running again much to the delight of everybody present.

Speaking of John Roop, he became the official proprietor of the Historic Little Sister Oil Well which he will run during the show. The well is located just north of the park near the ferry landing. Congratulations, John! He received the keys from Harry Homer.

Another feature at the show was Larry Thomas from Nashville, Tennessee, with a load of farm engines that he had equipped with ignition systems manufactured from car heater motors and such, and they worked! One other thing he brought was a very large mag charger. Larry spent much time at the show putting new life in tired mags, free of charge. Thanks, Larry!

There is another guy I would like to mention that in the past reports I gave him a hard time about tired jaws. Well, this year he brought a very nice J.P.Berry 15HP, rare in this area. A very friendly fellow to everybody I know, Cliff Atkinson, Valencia, Pennsylvania.