7HP Masterpiece Saved and Restored

| March/April 1983

  • 7HP Masterpiece

  • 7HP Masterpiece

RFD #1, Box 95 Voluntown, Connecticut 06384

My Son, Todd Babbitt, and I, Richard Babbitt, enjoy reading the Gas Engine Magazine.

Last year, Todd had an engine given to him by a friend. Well, that was it, we got the bug and now have 15 engines plus a Galloway saw rig I purchased from a friend. It amazes me how the saw rigs and the engines survived the depression and World War II.

A good friend of mine had the Galloway and I tried many times to purchase it, but because it was in his family since it was new, he decided not to sell it. Recently, I had occasion to talk to him and told him that if he didn't sell it to me soon, it would be beyond restoring. He said he would let me know in two or three days. Later in the week, I called him and he told me to come and pick it up. Well, Todd and I rigged up the lowbed and went and got it. The axles were so bad that when I got it home, one of the axles was almost rotted off. I knew right from the start that my work was cut out for me. I told myself this was going to be a very big job.

Just then a friend of mine, Herb Savage, drove in. He took one look at the saw rig and said, 'It looks good and about 90% complete. Does it run?'

'I don't know, Herb,' I said. Herb proceeded to climb up onto the lowbed.