Building the 1/4-Scale 5 HP Red Wing: Part V

| March 2005

Editor's note: This is the fifth and final installment on building the Red Wing engine.

Hello again! This is the last part of the Red Wing series. I have received several e-mails and even a letter commenting on this series. It's wonderful that something published in a magazine is actually appreciated by the readers. Thanks for reading!

Everything was finished in the last article except for the mixer and how to hook up the wires. We are going to cover both in this article! To finish off the mechanical components, lets hit the mixer first.

Step 16: Constructing the Mixer

The mixer was the most difficult part of the engine according to several of our readers. I still think the head was the toughest. However, the mixer is tricky if you don't pay close attention to the blueprints. Let me cover the highlights of the mixer and you can decide for yourself.

The mixer starts out as two brass castings (Photo 1). The top portion I will refer to as the bushing and the main casting. There is a trick to getting all of this aligned perfectly.