4 HP Shippensburg Type 'A.'

| January/February 1993

Shippensburg Type A

Douglas M. Kelley, 4 Blackberry Lane, Lake Wylie, South Carolina 29710 is the proud owner of this 4 HP Shippensburg Type 'A.' For more details, see the back cover.

Douglas Kelley's 4 HP Shippensburg Type 'A,' serial number 11976, shown on this month's front cover, was manufactured by the Domestic Engine and Pump Co. in October 1917. Kelley says, 'Restoration required new main bearing cap and connecting rod cap castings in addition to a number of other parts that were either lost or too badly rusted to be salvaged. The paint color, which very closely matches original Domestic burgundy, was made by mixing a small amount of blue with a pint of dark red machinery enamel. The engine was striped according to Domestic sales catalog No. 15. Shippensburg engines were equipped with a fuel pump and remote fuel tank, which allowed Underwriters' Laboratories insurance approval when the engine was installed indoors for industrial application. The engine has low tension ignitor ignition and ported exhaust. The bore is 5.50 inches with 7.00 inch stroke. The weight is 1400 lbs., and the list price was $155.00. The engine runs beautifully at 180 r.p.m. for show display.'