| July/August 1988

  • 4 HP Eclipse Engine

  • 4 HP Eclipse Engine

R.D. #6, Box 6369 Stroudsburg, Pa., 18360

This picture was taken at the Blue Mountain Antique Gas and Steam Engine Show, Bangor, Pennsylvania, at the October, 1987 show. They hold a show in July and October every year.

I found this engine 200 miles from where I live, in Potter County, Pennsylvania. A friend of mine in Potter County, whom I had bought an engine from, said he knew a lady with an engine. Her husband had passed away, and maybe if I would go to see her she might want to sell the engine.

So I went to see her. She said she didn't know if she wanted to sell it or not as she was sentimental about it. But, she agreed to let me see it.

Well, I went out to her garage, back in a dark corner, covered up with junk was the engine. I had a flashlight with me but it was so dark I really couldn't tell what shape it was in. No decision was made and a year went by.

In the meantime, another friend of mine stopped in to see her and she told him to 'tell Mr. Haney when he comes up to stop and see me, I think maybe I'll sell him the engine'. Well, we got together on a price and I bought it.