1919 Galloway 2-1/4 HP

A Letter from Galloway and an Original Warranty Certificate are Reminders of One Galloway's Life on the Farm

| October/November 2002

On Nov. 28, 1919, Sam J. Beale of Grantville, Kan., was assigned warranty certificate number 416150 for a brand new Galloway 2-1/4 HP engine, serial number 28219. Factory equipped with a pumping unit, the Galloway was put to work pumping water for livestock and filling the water tank on the Beale family farm. Some time around 1940 Sam parted with the Galloway, offering it as partial trade toward the purchase of an old Buick to provide transportation for his son.

Forty years after Sam traded the Galloway engine his grandson, Jim Beale, was cleaning out the old family farmhouse when he came across the original certificate for the Galloway, along with a letter from the Galloway company to his grandfather. An avid collector of gas engines, Jim was understandably excited by his unexpected find. Jim has often wondered what might have become of the Galloway, and it's always possible it's in the hands of an old iron collector. At least, he'd like to think so. Anything's possible in this hobby, so if you happen to come across a 2-1/4 HP Galloway bearing serial number 28219, you might drop Jim a line.

Contact engine enthusiast Jim Beale at: 6238 31st St., Grantville, KS 66429.

What became of 2- HP Galloway engine number 28219? Did it make it into the hands of a collector, or did it suffer the fate of many an engine, eventually relegated to the scrap pile when it was deemed a relic of another time?