| July/August 1976

1-3/4 HP Hercules

Myersville, Md., 21773

The Wolfsville Ruritan Club held its first show in 1973 with 31 exhibitors displaying 101 engines. Last year 68 faithfuls showed 208 engines. This year, the Third Annual Catoctin Antique Gas Engine Show had 137 exhibitors displaying 320 engines. Wow!!!!

Why the great growth and enthusiasm? You may ask, was it the weather? Yes, the weather was perfect. The warm fall weather with leaves falling from the large oaks beside the stream gave a setting for the enthusiasm to be shown by those diehard exhibitors.

Bob Mildren, Ellicott City, Md. was the first to arrive on Friday and after that, the exhibitors continued to come to the display grounds for a truly fine weekend where the slogan 'caution, adults at play' was in evidence. Many of the exhibitors brought their campers to stay the weekend and a few brought their tents and slept under the stars.

Breakfast was served at 6:00 A.M. and from that time on the faithful began trading secrets (as well as lies). Many entire families enjoyed the festivities of the weekend. As the sun rose, the exhibitors began uncovering their engines and prepared them for the days running.

We could see a definite trend develop. New exhibitors, who had no engines the first year, proudly had their engines operational in short order. Displays such as the Cato tin Show gave the new men the enthusiasm to acquire their own engine. Acquire them they did and the restoration job done on the engines were out of this world.