20 HP Oil Field Engine Finds Its Way to Japan

| May/June 2001

Bessemer engine

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This is a long overdue story, and I must apologize for its delay. Regardless, I think the readers will find it very interesting.

The origins of this oil field engine story really began in Japan, about seven years ago, and that is a tale in itself. Bill Young is an American engine collector/restorer, who has spent nearly two decades living and working just outside of Tokyo, Japan. One day while driving along a country road in Chiba-ken, Bill spotted a BIG flywheel engine just sitting there.

After several months of sleuthing, Bill's wife, a Japanese, managed to get the number of the owner. Although the owner of the engine was a bit frosty and reluctant to talk to us on the phone about the Sakia, nonetheless he would be there Friday at 1:00 p.m. if we wanted to come by. We did and, 'No, the engine is not for sale!'

Time passed, and one cold December day Bill and his wife drove by and spotted the owner. They stopped and chatted for a while and Bill asked if he minded if he drained the water out of the hopper. Questioning Bill, the owner agreed. A year or so later, Bill told the owner that he could have the Wico mag repaired in the States if he wished. The owner again agreed, but he didn't want to spend any money on it, a theme heard many times over the next few years.

Condensing about three years of work and almost $3,700 (all of Bill Young's own money and love for old iron). Over time (nearly three years), Bill personally funded nearly $3,700 to the restoration of an engine that he did not own.