1995 Model Engineering Exposition

| February/March 1996

Hot air engines

36506 Sherwood Livonia, Michigan 48154

The 6th Annual North American Model Engineering Exposition was conducted April 22nd and 23rd, 1995, at Yack Arena in Wyandotte, Michigan. Each year this unique model engineering exposition sets new levels in all the important areas, such as general public attendance, number and quality of models on display, and the number of quality vendors available. Every aspect of the model engineering craft was very well represented at this two day expo.

We are very pleased with the 310 exhibitors who displayed more than 1000 outstanding models, representing museum quality modeling. Displayed were a wide variety of gas, steam and hot air engines, running and operating scale model vehicles, machinery and other equipment.

The gasoline engines operated on gasoline just like the real full size engines. The operating gas engines included antique farm, automotive, marine and aircraft. The steam engines exhibited were marine, tractor, industrial, and locomotive. Hot air engines operated fans and other equipment and were available in a wide range of styles.

In addition, scale model construction equipment, tractors, machine tools, including lathes and milling machines, and clocks were displayed and enjoyed by the more than 3,800 spectators that attended the exposition. This interaction of the general public and the model builder allows the modeler to explain his model and his craft and lets the general public obtain valuable knowledge and a much better understanding and appreciation of model engineering.

Also well represented were model aircraft, with more than 30 models on display, including antique, commercial and military. The craftsmanship and detail on these models would put many in the 'museum quality' class. Many single and multi-cylinder aircraft engines of radial and in-line designs were available for viewing by the general public, and many engines were able to run in a special area set aside for them.