1928 Engine Repair List

| October/November 1985

One of the things that makes GEM different from other magazines, is that its subscribers are so often willing to help each other out by sharing information which they come across in their own quests for knowledge.

One such subscriber is Richard Babbitt, who wrote to us last year that he had acquired the contents of an International agency, which had originally begun as a blacksmith shop and livery stable. Among the old books and literature of the agency, Babbitt found a 1928 Farm Implement News Buyer's Guide.

Inside the Buyer's Guide, was a list of companies for engine repairs listed in alphabetical order. Babbitt wrote us that, 'Everyone seems to want a copy of this who has seen the book,' so we are reprinting the list here in hopes that it will be of interest to our readers.

The list is reprinted exactly as it appeared except that we have used current abbreviations for the states.

Richard Babbitt lives at RD 1, Box 95, Voluntown, Connecticut 06384.

Engine Repairs (Gasoline and Kerosene)